Street Fighter 5 Season 2 is Here!!

Wed 21st Dec 2016 - 3:21am : Gaming

The wait is over.

As of today, Street Fighter V has officially been updated to Version 2.0. And not a moment too soon as well. Ever since the end of Capcom Cup 2016, players have been speculating all of the changes to the general gameplay and the characters of this growing franchise. It even got to the point where players were mistaking rumor for facts as players were playing a beta build for Season 2 on PC.

It wasn't until yesterday that Capcom had released official patch notes for universal gameplay and character changes. The web based version of these notes can be found right here.

The new Season 2 update was released just a few hours ago with a 7.7 GB file size and is available for both Playstation 4 and PC users. It also comes with the option of buying the newest fighter to the game: Akuma. Many players (including us here at Level 482) are very excited about the changes and the potential freshness that this new season has to offer. With this version of Street Fighter and the highly anticipated Marvel vs. Capcom Inifinite, hopefully Capcom will keep the excitement rolling as we all venture in 2017.


Sources: Capcom, Sony




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